Strategic planNing

Children Development

  • Education scholarship support for 500 students every year who are from low income families till they complete their Higher studies.
  • Enhancing the digital capacity of government school children by setting up computer lab facilities and 
  • Education mentorship program for 120 students from underprivileged, meritorious and Socio-economically struggling students living in different parts of Tamil Nadu. 
  • Creating awareness in schools among children about POCSO act 2012 and online abuse.
  • Sustainable Women Livelihoods Programme for 270 women from self-help groups and communities.
  • Reactivating 400 self-help groups and forming new 300 Self-help groups. Providing them 2 crores revolving fund.
  • Giving awareness training for working women, self-help group women and community women.

Women Development

Health Development

Group counseling for women from self-help group about parenting, violence, stress management, finance management.
Conducting Primary Health care camps and Awareness program on Mental Health for the women and children in the community.

Bladder cancer awareness generation among SHG women and general public.

Community Development

Through CSR projects, constructing of houses for low income families who have received grants from the government but are still unable to finish the construction. These families will be from economically weaker backgrounds who cannot afford to complete the construction of their house.

Creating awareness about the Environment degradation and the importance of conserving our earth.