Integrating Rural Women for Economic Sustainability

The programme is supported by “International Monetary Fund (IMF)” which focuses on women empowerment with holistic development of social and economic conditions of rural women from Kundrathur block. The major activities of the project are as following:

  • Awareness creation among rural women about Self Help Groups (SHG’s).
  • Formation of 80 new SHG’s among the interested women. Each group will have 12-14 members.
  • The newly formed SHG’s will undergo training under the financial literacy program. This will help them maintain the group records and could understand the SHG savings, internal loan, bank linkage program, Repayment etc.
  • After the completion of training loans will be provided for these women through our bank linkage programme.
  • Through this new “Woman entrepreneurs” will emerge and existing women entrepreneurs will develop their business.
  • Economic empowerment of women will reduce domestic violence within the family.
  • Once the SHG’s are formed, it gets sustained and will give a very long term impact among the every group members through our bank linkage program.